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If you plan on contacting us, please do so from a phone that the person you want investigated has no access to. If you email us, please do so only from an email account that no one has the password to. We are open 24/7 - consultations are always free!

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Grey Ghost – Private Investigator West Palm Beach

We are the surveillance specialists of South Florida

  • No Mileage Fees
  • No Administrative Fees
  • No Travel Fees
  • Licensed With Over 13 Years Experience

    Private Investigator West Palm Beach

    Our West Palm Beach Private Investigator agency has served the South Florida community since 2008. Unlike your typical investigation agencies that cater to various kinds of cases, the West Palm Beach private investigators at Grey Ghost have spent over a decade honing and perfecting their skills at solving cases in one major domain: surveillance investigations. The level of aptitude we have developed for solving cases of this nature over the years has ensured that we successfully close over 99% of all cases brought to our agency. Our private investigators have worked hundreds of infidelity, corporate, child custody and other types of cases all throughout the area. This has allowed us to get to know the neighborhoods and the layouts of different buildings and communities. The knowledge gained throughout the years makes it very easy for us to design effective and successful investigative plans. 

    At Grey Ghost Investigations, we understand how difficult it is to deal with infidelity, divorce,  employee theft, child custody and other types of issues. We know how stressful it is and how much time, resources and mental energy these issues consume. This is why, we’ve made it our goal to make the process as easy for you as possible from start to finish.  We have done this by automating most of our intake procedures, which can be completed in a few minutes online. As a matter of fact, we can handle the entire investigative process online and via telephone. 

    We are the solution to your problem.

    Private Investigator West Palm Beach

    Florida Private Investigator Agency


    EST. 2008

    Grey Ghost Testimonials

    Luis Camino

    Excellent service, feels like speaking to someone you can trust and are understanding in your frustration as they probably been thru it with other clients. Recommended hands down, very knowledgeable and down to earth, keep it up!!

    Wellness Retreat

    Grey Ghost Investigations are professional, reliable and produces results quickly and quietly for clients. They are the best firm to contact for all investigative needs.

    Alexa Gill-Rodriguez

    Grey Ghost handled a matter for a close family member. Great customer service, timely responses and attention to detail in understanding the situation. Completed exactly what was asked with the utmost thoroughness and would highly recommend to anyone.

    Benefits of hiring Grey Ghost – Private Investigator West Palm Beach

    • Free Phone Consultations
    • Licensed and Experienced Private Investigators
    • Flat Rate Hourly Fees
    • Rated 5 Stars as West Palm Beach Private Detectives
    • Serving West Palm Beach as Private Investigators since 2008
    • Managed by college-educated, former State of Florida Probation and Parole Officer with many years of investigative experience

    Our West Palm Private Detective Services

    Infidelity Investigations

    Only you know what you are sensing in your relationship.  Sometimes you can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but you something is not right.

    It’s tough to keep it to yourself and fight an uphill battle, when others are not believing what you are going through.  Give us a call and know what your options are.

    Corporate Investigations

    Has an ex employee violated their non compete agreement and stolen you clients?

     Are you about to buy a company, merge a business, or open a franchise in North Miami? Have the principals looked at, it might save you time, money, and headaches.

    Call us to find out what other business cases we handle.

    Background Checks

    Do you need to run a backround check on your tenants, employees or anyone else? Do you need the telephone number of an old friend? We can provide you with up-to-date criminal, civil, and contact information on anyone.

    We utilize databases that are only accessible to licensed private investigators, which ensures the accuracy of all information provided.

    Other Investigations

    Since 2008, we have dealt with all kinds of cases.

    From alimony to kidnapped dogs and everything in between.  

    Some cases are easier to solve than others. While every case is different, there are some categories that most fall under. These are: child custody, child support, cohabitation, gambling, drug use, and general unscrupulous behavior .

    Although we have the word ‘Ghost’ is in our name, we do not specialize in paranormal investigations, sorry.

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    The Differences between our Private Investigator Agency and Others

    In Florida, there are hundreds of investigation companies and new ones opening up almost daily. No wonder you find yourself asking: why choose Grey Ghost – Private Investigator West Palm Beach? What makes them so special? Are they any better than those other agencies that are plastered all over Google? Allow us to answer your question this way. Below are five things you aren’t likely to find with any other agency:

    The moment you pick up the phone to call us, you aren’t answered by a secretary but by a highly professional investigator in West Palm Beach, FL.

    You get a free consultation when calling us over the phone, whether or not you’re hiring us.

    A large percentage of our team, including the head of Grey Ghost, has had experience working in the field of Criminal Justice, so you know you’re not just dealing with professionals, but seasoned veterans in the world of investigations.

    Once you hire us, we keep you updated throughout the investigation via hourly texts or emails.

    Our hourly rates are highly competitive and you’ll always know exactly what you’ll end up paying, due to our flat rate pricing model. We will never surprise you with a bill for a few hundred dollars for travel fees or administrative costs.

    Why We Do What We Do

    We at Grey Ghost – Private Investigator West Palm Beach, go over each case with a fine-tooth comb because we deeply value you. We know that for you to have requested our Palm Beach private detective services, you must’ve been through quite a lot already and must’ve reached your wits’ end and don’t know what to do anymore. We take it upon ourselves to do the best job we can because we value your peace of mind. We relate with each of our clients on an empathetic level. We know you need to either confirm or dispel the suspicions plaguing you and we take it upon ourselves to be there for you every single step of the way, offering you the solid facts we gather so you can more easily make the decisions that need to be made.

    Why Hire Grey Ghost?

    We all experience hardships in life. There are times when we need to take matters into our own hands and times when it’s smarter to reach out to professionals. When it comes to investigations, some people decide to begin the process on their own. There are a few things that might go wrong when making that decision.

    How Much Will It Cost?

    There are many factors involved in calculating the cost of an investigation. One of the most important factors is the amount of information you can provide regarding the subject of the investigation. As a general rule of thumb, the more information you provide, the less you will pay.

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    How does the investigation process work? We can handle the entire investigation process over the phone/internet or we can meet in person. It’s up to you how you want to handle that part.We will ask you a series of questions about your case in order to create an investigative plan.

    At one point in time or the other, we understand that inevitably, people we care about may let us down. We make it our job to see to it that when you do act, you do so with sound and credible information. We take great pride in the work we do. This is why after solving over 2,000 cases in the past 13 years and we have gotten 99% positive feedback from our clients. We genuinely love what we do. So while other agencies see nothing but a quick paycheck, we look beyond that to see you for what you are: someone in need of the truth and we provide this with no holds barred.

    private detective west palm beach
    grey ghost - west palm beach

    It is becoming commonplace now in West Palm Beach for people to fall prey to Private Investigator agencies who allege to be the very best in South Florida, but aren’t even located in Florida. They present themselves as top-rated detective agencies in Florida, who will take on any case and provide you with results in no time at all. Needless to say that these agencies end up collecting money from these unsuspecting individuals then go on to hire inexperienced investigators with third-rate skills with only a small fraction of sum collected from their clients. The vast majority of people who fall victim to this sham rarely ever get any worthwhile information for their money.

    Yet another set of “ expert private investigators” to be very wary of are those who will deliberately withhold pivotal information simply so the investigation can drag on longer and their paycheck can get fatter. Should you choose to work with us Grey Ghost, you won’t ever have to worry about us playing such underhanded games with you. Our word is our bond and we honor the ethics of our profession greatly.

    We want you to think ahead and consider the distinct possibility that your case may end up in front of a judge and jury right here in Broward County, Florida. You would need a highly proficient Hollywood Private Investigator whose intimate understanding of the workings of the legal system in the area that will give you an edge by helping you build an ironclad case. An inexperience private investigator agency, wouldn’t even know where to begin doing those things for you.

    private detective west palm beach

    Give yourself a strong fighting chance. You’ve been through a lot already, and you deserve at least that much. Let our West Palm Beach private detectives help you get the facts you need and build your case so you can go back to living your life. However, none of this will happen if you put inept investigators on retainer. You will only keep bleeding money and excuses will be the only result you’ll have to show for your effort. If you don’t want that happen, pick up the phone and dial (561)232-3392 to speak with a Grey Ghost Private Investigator who can help you today.

    The majority of potential clients that need a Private Investigator in West Palm Beach have never contacted one before and therefore may not know how the process works. We assure you that we will guide you through the entire process and that all information exchanged will be kept strictly confidential. Call us for your free phone consultation today!

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