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Private Investigator Hialeah

  • Private Investigator in Hialeah Since 2008
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  • Premier Detective Services in Hialeah
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Get in touch with Grey Ghost – Private Investigator Hialeah now. Dial (954) 399-5633 for an immediate chat with a seasoned detective. Services available in Spanish!

Grey Ghost is recognized as a distinguished private investigation firm in Hialeah, primarily focused on surveillance. Since our inception in 2008, we have made a significant mark across the greater South Florida area, dedicating ourselves to the art and science of surveillance. Our firm adopts a specialized approach, concentrating solely on surveillance to achieve unparalleled results in matters of fidelity breaches, business conflicts, and family law issues such as child custody and alimony disputes. This specialization ensures that our methods are not just effective but also cost-efficient.  

Our pledge is to provide an exceptional service experience to our clients. Aware of the potential emotional turmoil faced by our clientele, we endeavor to alleviate such stress with services marked by compassion, respect, and ethical conduct. Our Hialeah-based investigators are selected not only for their investigative skills but also for their ability to empathize and offer moral support. Communication is key in our operations; we ensure our clients are well-informed and actively involved in each step of the investigation. Our boutique firm size enables us to provide the kind of personalized service larger companies simply cannot offer.  

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Grey Ghost Investigations


  • No Unexpected Travel Fees
  • Simple and Honest Pricing Policy
  • Flat Rates
  • Local investigation agency in Hialeah
  • Licensed in the State of Florida since 2008

    Spanish Speaking Services Available!

    Infidelity / Cheaters, Corporate Investigation, Child Custody, and Surveillance Specialists

    Infidelity Investigations Services

    At Grey Ghost, we tackle sensitive issues like marital infidelity, business-related conflicts, child custody, and comprehensive surveillance, providing customized investigation solutions that cater to the unique challenges faced by individuals, corporations, and families in Hialeah.

    Corporate Investigations

    Facing concerns over non-compete contract breaches or misappropriation of proprietary client data? Contemplating a business investment, a merger, or starting a franchise in Hialeah? Conducting an in-depth corporate investigation could help you avoid unforeseen problems and financial pitfalls.

    Background Checks

    Need thorough background investigations for potential tenants or employees? Searching for someone from your past? We offer precise, updated checks on criminal, civil, and personal histories, accessible exclusively to licensed private investigators.

    Child Support, Custody, and Alimony Cases

    With extensive experience dating back to 2008, we undertake all family-related investigations with utmost professionalism, ensuring all evidence is legally valid, especially in child custody cases. We also help enforce child pick-up orders in Florida, providing tracking and surveillance services until the required legal actions are completed.

    Tenant Screenings

    Tenant screening can be a complex task. Let us take over the background checks, from eviction histories to employment verification, so you can concentrate on managing your properties.

    Insurance Defense and Attorney Support

    Setting Ourselves Apart from Other Hialeah Private Investigators

    Sifting through’Private Investigator Hialeah‘ listings can be overwhelming, as many firms boast sophisticated websites and use specialized terminology. Grey Ghost differentiates itself with an approach that is both straightforward and direct. Engaging with us means immediate contact with a genuine private investigator, avoiding automated systems. We dedicate time to fully understanding your unique circumstances, providing reassurance of our ability to support and assist effectively. 

    What also sets us apart is our commitment to keeping our clients informed and engaged, ensuring a transparent and collaborative investigation process. 

    Our pricing structure is straightforward and transparent. We operate on flat fees without hidden charges, allowing our clients to have confidence in our financial integrity. Choosing Grey Ghost means partnering with a dedicated agency, committed to the successful resolution of your case without the worry of additional charges.

    Why Choose Grey Ghost?

    Selecting the right private investigator is more than just an online search. Consulting with Grey Ghost ensures a direct connection with an experienced professional, promising personalized and thorough attention from the onset to the conclusion of your case. Our dedication to ethical standards, client involvement, and transparent pricing distinguishes us in the field of private investigations.

    Investigation Cost Considerations

    Investigation costs can vary greatly, depending on the level of detail you provide about the subject. The more information you offer from the beginning, the more streamlined and cost-effective the investigation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We adapt our investigative approach to suit your communication preferences, whether that’s remotely or face-to-face. The initial consultation will detail your case specifics, allowing us to formulate a strategy that aligns with your goals.

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    Our Hialeah Private Detectives Are Here to Help


    Since 2008, our private detectives have committed to resolving cases with the utmost professionalism, efficiency, confidentiality, and diligence. Our investigative zeal ensures a strong reputation and a dedicated client base, with numerous repeat engagements. We are dedicated to addressing your concerns swiftly and effectively, aiming for enduring client relationships.


    In times of uncertainty or distress, contacting Grey Ghost Private Investigators promptly can make all the difference. Our team understands the sensitive nature of the situations our clients face, which is why we prioritize confidentiality and personalized service above all else. By reaching out to us right away, you’ll have access to dedicated professionals who will navigate your case with precision and discretion, providing the support and guidance you need during what can be an inherently stressful time. From gathering crucial evidence to unraveling complex mysteries, Grey Ghost Private Investigators are committed to helping you find clarity and resolution when you need it most.


    Grey Ghost Offers Top Notch Private Investigations

    Contacting Grey Ghost – Private Investigator Hialeah at (954) 399-5633 puts you in touch with a locally experienced investigator. Steer clear of firms that may outsource your sensitive case, impacting both quality and affordability. Our licensed, proficient, and ethically compensated detectives in Hialeah guarantee the highest standard of service.  


    The Grey Ghost Investigative Approach: Unveiling the Unseen, Unraveling the Unsolvable

    Having a detective with courtroom experience is invaluable if your case goes to court. Our deep familiarity with the Hialeah legal landscape provides a significant strategic edge. Facing unique South Florida challenges? Whether you’re dealing with a situation unique to Hialeah or engaging a private investigator for the first time, we offer a non-judgmental, confidential, and personalized service. Hialeah private investigation offers discreet and professional services tailored to uncovering the truth and providing clients with peace of mind.

    Our surveillance investigations employ advanced techniques and technology to discreetly monitor individuals or locations, providing valuable insights and evidence for various legal, personal, or corporate matters.


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