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Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations are essential for maintaining integrity and compliance within organizations, often conducted to uncover fraud, misconduct, or regulatory violations. We know how much hard work, blood, sweat and tears goes into building a business. Once the business is built and starts producing revenue, the focus expands to include protecting your asset. This can be done by implementing security protocols, like recording sales calls, installing cameras, performing audits, etc. But, what happens when you have an issue that you can’t seem to get to bottom of on your own? What happens when the police tells you ‘we can’t help you, this is a civil issue’? This is where we come in. We understand how frustrating it can be to be denied assistance. Our private investigators are extensively trained and experienced in providing you with the investigative assistance that you need. We can help gather the evidence that you need and provide it to the police or to your private attorney. 

private investigator corporate investigations

Types of Corporate Investigations

Employee Theft Corporate Investigation

Theft is a very serious issue that affects hundreds of South Florida businesses. Grey Ghost Investigations understand how frustrating it can be for business owners to deal with dishonest employees and our private investigators are trained and educated on common employee theft schemes and fraudulent behavior.

While each theft case is different, some theft cases include: pretending to be sick and claiming sick time, while being in good health; stealing merchandise or money; utilizing company time to run personal errands; sleeping on the job, etc. Grey Ghost Investigations is able to assist business owners by conducting Corporate Investigations which include surveillance, placing hidden spy cameras at the business location, going undercover to document fraud within the organization, and even performing spot checks to determine employee activity. Our private detectives will also be able to assist the business owner with reporting illegal activities to the police and by providing court testimony.

Non-Compete Agreement Corporate Investigation

You’ve worked so hard to build your business from scratch and have covered yourself by having your employees sign Non-Compete Agreements. Then you part ways and they open a business just like yours, a few blocks from you. Now what? Well…you call us! When you call our private investigator agency, we will provide you with information on how the corporate investigation process works and we will work closely with your attorney to gather all evidence of the Non-Compete violation. Our investigators will perform surveillance at the competitor’s location, documenting the violation and we will present the evidence to you. In addition to the video evidence, our investigators will also provide you with detailed investigative reports on all evidence found. Our private investigators are always available for court testimony as well, if needed.

Anti-piracy and Trademark Infringement Investigation

Trademark infringement occurs when a party unlawfully uses a trademark, logo, or brand name that is identical or similar to another party’s registered trademark, causing confusion among consumers. This unauthorized use can dilute the distinctive quality of the original mark or unfairly capitalize on its reputation, leading to financial losses and damage to the rightful owner’s brand. Trademark infringement cases often involve legal proceedings to enforce the owner’s exclusive rights and seek remedies such as injunctions, damages, or the cessation of the infringing activities. Protecting trademarks through proactive monitoring, enforcement, and registration is crucial for businesses to safeguard their intellectual property rights and maintain the distinctiveness and integrity of their brands. 

Anti-piracy investigations involve the systematic gathering and analysis of evidence to identify and disrupt networks engaged in the illicit reproduction, distribution, and sale of copyrighted materials. Investigators may conduct covert surveillance and undercover operations,  to trace the source of pirated content and identify key actors involved in the infringement chain, such as manufacturers, distributors, and sellers. Cooperation with law enforcement agencies, industry stakeholders, and intellectual property rights holders is crucial to effectively investigate and prosecute piracy cases. Anti-piracy investigations aim to dismantle piracy networks, seize counterfeit goods, and hold perpetrators accountable through civil litigation or criminal prosecution, thereby safeguarding the rights of content creators, preserving the integrity of the market, and promoting a culture of respect for intellectual property.

If your company is a victim of trademark infringement or any type of anti-piracy, we are here to help. Our private investigators are able to gather video evidence covertly, even in the most difficult of circumstances. We utilize the latest surveillance equipment, that allows us to collect evidence quickly and thoroughly. We understand that time is of the essence on these types of investigations and we strive to get you the results you need as expeditiously as possible.

Contact us About Your Corporate Investigation Issue

The above corporate case descriptions are only a few examples of what we can do for our corporate clients. Our private investigators have successfully closed thousands of corporate cases, each more unique than the next. So if you have a special circumstance that you don’t see listed here, give us a call today so we can discuss how we can assist you. The call is free! You have nothing to lose.

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