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Domestic Investigations

Grey Ghost Investigations has a long and very successful track record in conducting Child Support, Child Custody and Alimony Investigations. Our private detectives are educated in the laws and regulations pertaining to these type of private investigation cases. Our Miami private investigators have conducted numerous surveillance investigations on these types of issues and have worked with many prominent attorneys.

Typically, child support investigations are related to investigating the non-custodial parent, to determine their location and/or their employment information. Child custody investigations involve determining the character and behavior of the parent whose right to custody is being questioned by the former spouse or other family members. On the other hand, alimony investigations usually refer to determining if the person receiving alimony is cohabiting with a new significant other who is providing them with financial support.

Our Miami private detectives are able to determine this information by performing close-range surveillance on the subject and documenting their activities via video, pictures, and written reports. Grey Ghost Investigations is also able to assist clients after the close of the investigation, by providing court testimony.

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