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How to Find a Person in Florida: Professional Tips from Our Private Investigators

How to Find a Person in Florida: Professional Tips from our Private Investigators

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Are you looking for a long-lost friend, lover or family member? If so, this article will give you all the tools you need to find them without spending a dime. All searches listed here are free and provide accurate results. Our Miami private investigators have used these tools as adjuncts to our private investigator databases to locate people for many years and they don’t usually let us down. If you’re ready to be your own private investigator, let’s begin!

Step 1 – Always begin your search with good ol’ Google.

This may be obvious, but it may be so obvious that it’s sometimes overlooked. Do a basic search like this: “Person’s name, Florida”. You may be surprised with what you find. This may show active social media accounts, phone numbers and addresses. 

Step 2 – Run their name through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other free websites.

If they don’t show up on any of these social media platforms, try running the name of a friend or of a family member of theirs. Then search this person’s friend list on Facebook to see if you recognize the person you’re looking for in any of the pictures. Keep in mind that they may be using a fake name. 

Other good websites that are completely free are:




Step 3 – Check the jails and prisons. 

If you’ve taken all the steps above and found no trace of the person, it would make sense that they may be incarcerated. For the prison inmate search, you can go here:


Click on ‘Search All Corrections Offender Databases’, enter the person’s name and start searching. This particular website will show all individuals that currently are or have been in the state’s prison system. It does not show jail information. Remember, jails are operated by the counties and prisons are operated by the state. To search jails, you need to have an idea of what county the person lived in. Then you would Google ‘name of county + jail search’.  This will give you a list of sites that show these records. Always choose the official county site and not these private, paid sites. For example, if a person lived in Broward County, you would go here:


If they lived in Miami-Dade County, you would search here: 


Step 4 – Check death records. You can look for orbituaries online or you can try the site here:


You can also check this site for records, but it tends to be have older information, meaning that you might not be able to find records from the last 5 years:


Step 6 – Look for the person’s relatives and call them.

If you know the relative’s names, look them up. If not, you should have been able to collect some relatives’ information through the steps listed above. If you had a good relationship with the person and you just want to reconnect, explaining your story to the person you call will most likely result in a positive response. If you don’t know the person that you are looking for (e.g. biological mother or father) or if you did not have a great relationship with them, you can try doing a ‘pretext’. A pretext is a term used by private investigators, which basically refers to using a fictitious story to obtain information. So, when you call the person’s relatives, you can say that you went to high school with them and would like to personally invite them to the reunion or something similar. They may be nice enough to give you the person’s direct phone number. 

It should be noted that this step was left for last because it’s often used as a last resort. Calling someone’s friends’ or family can be somewhat intrusive and may not be well-received. Therefore, it should be mentioned, that you should only call these people once. Under no circumstances should you call anyone repeatedly. This can be construed as harassment, so please use common sense. 

We hope that these tips help you find the person that you’re looking for. If you’re still stuck after following all these tips, please contact us and we will find them for you. We utilize paid databases that are only available to licensed private investigators. These databases compile data from credit bureaus, utility companies and other accurate sources of information that are not available to the general public. Our basic search reports are $75 and are usually sent to you within 1 business day. 


Vehicle Registration Scam in South Florida

Identity theft no longer involves just financial hardship, it can get your driver’s license suspended too!

Here is a twist to identity theft:  A fraudster who has stolen your identity can get a vehicle titled in your name, get issued a license plate and registration, and drive the vehicle around for at least a month, unbeknownst to you.  If the scammer bothers to pay the initial car insurance
payment, they can then drive the car for longer.

This situation exposes the victim to:

Liability in the event of an accident – since the vehicle is titled and registered to the victim.
Toll violations – the scammer will drive the vehicle willy-nilly through any and all tolls, just because they can.
Driver’s license suspension. Your license getting suspended is ultimately a race between the mounting toll violations and the car insurance company sending a driver license suspension notice for lack of insurance.

If the scammer changes the address on the registration so that the victim does not receive court notices, the mounting traffic court cases on toll violations could eventually result in a bench warrant issued for the victim.

Below is a timeline of an actual case:

Victim had a van titled, tagged, and registered in their name, as evidenced by a database report that our Grey Ghost investigators ran.

They were out of the country when this transaction took place on August 30.

The only reason they found out about the transaction, was because they received an after-market warranty advertisement in the mail for a van they did not own.

Our Miami private investigators ran their name through a database and found the van’s information.

The victim immediately filed a police report. This took place on September 13.

On November 11, the police detective assigned told the victim they do not handle these types of cases and that they should go to the Florida Dept of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV) to clear her impending driver license suspension (for lack of insurance).

That same day they were able to clear the pending driver license suspension, and was given the proper complaint forms to file with the Motor Vehicle Fraud unit in Tallahassee, Fl.

There was a delay somewhere, and the victim received another suspension order set to suspend their driver license on December 7th.

They went back to the DMV in person, and they told her they could not clear her license until she files a complaint with the Motor Vehicle Fraud unit, so they can remove the vehicle from her name.

On November 29, they filed a complaint with the Motor Vehicle Fraud Unit.

On December 7th, the victim’s license was suspended. It stayed suspended until December 14th, after countless phone calls from our Miami private investigators.

The vehicle was removed from the victims record, but no arrests were made and the van was never found.

As you can see this process can be extremely stressful to a victim. Our advice is to pay close attention to anything suspicious that you receive in the mail and always follow up. Don’t dismiss things as ‘mistakes’ or ‘unimportant’. Do your research because the sooner you find an issue like this, to sooner you can solve it without letting it spiral out of control. Also, be advised that currently, the State of Florida does not mail out any notices to the public when a vehicle is registered in their name.  However, private companies have access to this information, and will mail people ads for extended warranties or insurance offers.  If you begin to receive ads for extended warranties on a vehicle you do not own, you may have become a victim of this scam.  If you feel you have become a victim of this scam, or if you want to get a baseline search of property titled in your name, we can help. Our asset searches will show everything that has been registered to you.

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How Much Will It Cost?

There are many factors involved in calculating the cost of an investigation. One of the most important factors is the amount of information you can provide regarding the subject of the investigation. As a general rule of thumb, the more information you provide, the less you will pay.

Another factor is whether a case will go to court or not. Generally, cases that go to court need more evidence than those that do not. Some of these cases require several days of surveillance, through which our investigators will have to document a certain ‘pattern of behavior’ rather than an isolated event. This generally applies to child custody cases, child support cases, etc.

For cases that cover a specific event (e.g. you know that your spouse is meeting up with their lover on a certain date and time), we only charge a four hour retainer fee. If the case happens to go longer than the four hours, than we will ask for your permission to continue. If you agree to that, than we will bill you hourly for the duration of the surveillance.

We offer discounted rates for extended surveillance cases, so please call us and ask us about our current specials. You can also find our private investigator fees under the ‘Fees’ tab on our homepage.

Why Hire Grey Ghost Private Investigators In Miami

We all experience hardships in life. There are times when we need to take matters into our own hands and times when it’s smarter to reach out to professionals and hire them. When it comes to investigations, some people decide to begin the process on their own. There are a few things that might go wrong when making that decision:

1. You might end up in jail if you follow someone and they catch you.
2. You might end up being sued by the subject of your investigation for
invading their privacy.
3. You might hurt yourself or others.
4. You might mess up the investigation, making it almost impossible to hire
a professional agency later.

This is why hiring a professional investigation agency is the prudent thing to do. At Grey Ghost, our Miami private investigators work hard to make sure that we get you the results you need. We are licensed by the State of FL, trained in all rules and regulations pertaining to investigations, and we utilize the best technology available. Our investigators are the best in the field. In addition, when compared to other investigation agencies, our agency offers affordable hourly rates, with no mileage fees and other bogus charges. We do our best to make this process as easy and as affordable as possible for you. Don’t hesitate any longer – give us a call today!

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