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If you plan on contacting us, please do so from a phone that the person you want investigated has no access to. If you email us, please do so only from an email account that no one has the password to. We are open 24/7 - consultations are always free!

Background Checks

Grey Ghost utilizes private databases for background checks that are only accessible to licensed private investigators. The difference between these databases and the ones you can find online, is the quality of the information. Thus, in most cases, the data provided by our private investigators will be more accurate and up-to-date, then the information presented online.

Grey Ghost Investigations provides many different types of background checks, such as: tenant screenings, employment screenings, criminal checks, civil checks, skip traces, asset checks, marriage/divorce checks, cell phone number checks, contact information check, and comprehensive reports. Please check our ‘Fees’ tab for the cost of these private investigation services and if you cannot find exactly what you need on our list, give us a call today for a free quote.

To get assistance with running background checks check out the appropriate office based on your location. Our South Florida locations are Miami, North Miami, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale.

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